15 Strange Animals You Know Nothing About

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15 Strange Animals You Know Nothing About

Among 1,367,555 non-insect animal species, how many do you know? We at PITBULLS BIBLE exhibit a list of 15 such strange animals that’ll probably make you think that nature’s messed up.



15: Glaucus Atlanticus


Sylke Rohrlach Wikimedia

Something that seems like a real-life Pokémon, this is a species of small blue sea slug.


14: Dumbo Octopus


They can be found in any ocean of the world but are rarely visible as they live at a depth of up to 2300 feet.


13: Mantis Shrimp


Also known as the “prawn killers”, these deadly predators can be found in tropical and sub-tropical waters.


12: Pink Fairy Armadillo


Endemic to central Argentina, these are the smallest species of armadillo. They generally inhabit in sandy dunes and scrubby grasslands.


11: The Bush Viper

This deadly carnivore predator lives in the tropical forests of Africa



10: Aye-Aye


Native to Madagascar, Aye-Ayes have a distinguished bushy tail that is larger than their bodies.

9: Okapi


Despite having Zebra-like stripes on legs, Okapis are closely related to giraffes. They are found in Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa.

8: Young Icefish


Found in the Antarctica’s continental shelf, the blood of these fishes lack RBCs and is instead filled with anti-freeze cells.


7: Giant Isopod

Flickr | Wikimedia

This is one of the largest isopods thriving on this planet.


6: Red-Lipped Batfish


Found on the Galapagos Islands, this fish walks on the bottom of the ocean using its pectoral fins.


5: Penis Snake


This Caecilian amphibian has a flat, broad head and a fleshy dorsal fin on the body. They are usually found in the Madeira River (tributary of the Amazon)


4: Lamprey


This ancient atlantic jawless fish may be America’s first destructive invasive species.


3: Lowland Streaked Tenrec


Found in Madagascar, Africa, this is the only mammal that uses stridulation for generating sound.


2: Japanese Spider Crab

Takashi Hososhima Wikimedia

The nine-foot claw-span of this giant makes him Europe’s biggest crab. It lives in waters around Japan.


1: The Fossa


Endemic to Madagascar, this cat-like mammal is closely related to mongoose family.


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