4 Year Old Little Girl Feeding Six Pitbulls Is Worth A Watch!

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4 Year Old Little Girl Feeding Six Pitbulls Is Worth A Watch!

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While speaking of pit bulls, people carry an aggressive and vicious image in their heads but the reality is that they fall in one of the most obedient and affectionate breeds. People often get into this misunderstanding and end up fearing the whole breed. To counter this taint, Nina Wahl recently uploaded a video of her 4 year-old niece taking charge of 6 hungry pit bulls.



Taysley Rose (Nina’s 4 year-old niece) is seen bossing around and feeding the 6 burly dogs. She makes all of them assemble in a row first and then counts till three before they start eating.

All of the 6 pits obey the girl so sincerely and wait patiently until she pours a heap of kibble on the floor. But their disciplinary instincts did not change there! They didn’t dare jumping on the food and gobble it all until Taysley counted till three and said “OK”.


The pit bulls that are taken to be quarrelsome showed such respect to their little master and fed on their food peacefully.

Nina proves her point at the end of the clip saying, “Six male pit bulls…people say it can never be done…they live and eat together…they are family”.

This video is truly adorable as it shows how a 4 yr old commands these brawny animals on what to do and when to do it. No wonder why the clip went viral!


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