9 Facts About Pit Bulls You Wouldn’t Want To Miss


9 Facts About Pit Bulls You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

While pit bulls are the most loyal and faithful dogs, their image has been tarnished by some misguided people. We at Pitbulls Bible try to restore the true identity of pit bulls. Here’s a list of some interesting facts about pits that will leave you dumbstruck.



9: In the battle of Gettysburg, Sallie the pit bull guarded over the wounded and dead union soldiers. She is still immortalized in a monument of civil war, Pennsylvania.




8: Despite of their reputation as ‘great guard dogs’ these dogs have a tender heart and easily trust humans. They may not take long to befriend an intruder.



7: It is a pure myth that pit bulls do not feel pain. The truth is that they can endure pain but like other dogs, they too feel pain



6: Their great athletic qualities make them some of the best fence-climbers of the world.



5: As a puppy, pit bulls have wrinkly skin on the foreheads. As they grow, the skin stretches and becomes smooth.



4: According to a survey, there are at least 2 million pit bulls in the U.S.A alone.



3: Pits are so good at taking care of children that they’re nicknamed as nanny dogs.



2: Earlier, when human handlers had to present in the fighting, rings with pit bulls, their aggressiveness towards humans was an undesirable trait since then.



1: Pit bulls were originally bred in England and were later brought to America.


Pi bulls hold a strong character and are amazing as a pet. We hope that these facts help you now the breed a little better.