Abandoned Dog left ‘Frozen With Fear’ Couldn’t Move Until Vet Observes The Truth

Recently a photo of a pet abandoned by owner went viral to highlight the rising issue of irresponsible pet ownership. PITBULLS BIBLE shares the horrifying situation of a little dog stuck in the middle of nowhere and couldn’t fight his traumatic past.


Tammy Graves, founder of The Haley Graves Foundation (a pet rescue organisation) was on one of her projects while visiting a local shelter where she spotted June Cash. June was a black Labrador that was cowering in a corner of her kennel and looked completely terrified.


Tammy knew that something was wrong and immediately took June to a vet. She was suffering from severe heartworm infections and even showed signs of past abuse. As June was nursed back to health, her recovery process began soon at a new foster home.

Gradually she began moving out and building trust with her foster dad. Now she is officially put up for adoption and is anticipating entering a new world where she gets the love she’d been missing.

It is really important for everyone to know that owning a pet is easy but taking care of all its needs is really important. One can’t simply throw away his pet at shelters simply because he is done with it. Please SHARE this so that people get aware of the situations pets deal with after an owner abandons them.

Source: Facebook/Tammy Graves | Honesttopaws |Thehaleygravesfoundation

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