This Babysitting Dog Learnt Something By Himself And We Just Can’t Get Over It!

The first day we bring a pooch at our home, we begin training it. We do teach him how to eat, where to pee and where to sleep but don’t we love it when they learn something unexpected and all by themselves? PITBULLS BIBLE brings you a box brimmed with affection. This adorable babysitting puppy was taught how to do the mundane tasks but never taught one thing that he learnt by himself. Guess what that is…


“We taught our dog how to play keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to swing a baby crib, but we never had to teach him how to love our daughter.”

When the owners of Charlie, the beagle introduced him to their newborn daughter Laura, they trained him to change her diapers, swing her crib, Put a blanket on her but there was one thing they never had to teach Charlie and that was to love their daughter. They never taught him how to play with her or how to love her. Well isn’t that the best thing about dogs? Our darling dogs fondle and caress us with pure affection without ever having to teach them this?Dogs love us more than we realize and Charlie has a proof to it. WATCH and SHARE this adorable clip.



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