How blue nose differ from red nose pit bull dogs



Pit bull is a very impressive breed of dogs. They make one of the best pets as they are friendly as well as protective at the same time. The blue nose and the red nose pit bulls belong to the same family and hence are very similar in behaviour. Their origin is believed to be in England dating in 1800s. Their ancestors were used in fighting blood sports. These sports had either bulls or bears as their opponents earlier which later had the fellow pit bulls in the fighting pitch with them. The fight usually either of the animals killed in the conclusion which evidently gives their impression as the deadly dogs. But the times have changed and embarked their purpose today as the catch dogs, police dogs, family pet companions and therapy dogs. Although they may look a bit goofy and fatuous at the first sight, but are very smart and responsive. Their intelligence is laudable and is ever ready to defend their owners at the slightest sense of threat.

  • Blue nose pits


These dogs are often taken as very combative and dangerous because of the ancestral blood sport that tarnishes the image today. These dogs can in fact be of a very friendly temperament if trained while still puppies. They are extremely safe to leave with babies because of their protective traits.

  •  Red nose pits

Although, they can be kept both indoors and outdoors, extended time indoors can make them lethargic. This can also drain out their otherwise vibrant energy. It is essential to take them for some quirk walks, run and playtime. Lack of exercise can make them mentally and physically weak and result into obesity and other health issues. They have human like emotions and can get emotional on severe or complex behaviour.

  • Difference

Many breeders have created an impression of these dogs as very divergent but in reality, they are of the same breed and resemble each other closely. There is no major difference between them except the color of their nose. This variation in the color is still being studied by researchers. Another difference noted among them is their price. Though their prices fluctuate, earlier the blue nosed pit bull was more expensive but now the red nosed pits are on the apex price. This variation comes due to the availability of the 2 dogs. The red nosed pits have become rare these days adhering to their price hike.

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