Can “Aggressive” Breeds Become Excellent Family Dog?

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Can “Aggressive” Breeds Become Excellent Family Dog?

Just the word ‘pitbull’ is enough to trigger the minds of common people who view it as an extremely dangerous and a violet dog who is completely unfit to become a pet.
Not just pitbull, According to Forbes, renters are least likely to rent to the families who own the following breeds:
• Pit bulls and Staffordshire terriers
• Doberman pinschers
• Rottweilers
• German shepherds
• Chows
• Great danes
• Presa canaries
• Akitas
• Alaskan malamutes
• Siberian huskies
• Wolf-hybrids.


1. Pitbull and Staffordshire Terriers


The main reason why these breeds are associated with aggressive behavior is either their traditional training or
According to ASPCA, pitbulls are descendent of English bull-baiting dogs, which were bred to “bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head.”
Unfortunately, people still believe that it’s the pitbull’s bitter disposition which makes the entire breed behave barbarically forgetting that each dog must be treated separately. The right training and right environment can make even the most aggressive pitbull a good boy!

2. Doberman Pinschers

Doberman are also known as Guard Dogs; so now you know where the aggression comes from!
According to DPCA, they were raised to protect and guard their loved ones, but similarly, if they are raised properly, a Doberman will love you no less!

3. Rottweilers

According to AKC, this breed traces way back to Roman times where they were used to herd livestock. Having excellent territorial tendencies and sharp focus, these dogs a perfect fit for a guard dog or as a police dog!
As long a Rottweiler is cherished and loved, the dog loves to socialize and play around!
4. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are incredibly smart and loyal! They can be excellent guard dogs! Just like any other breed, the way its trained shapes out its traits! As long as you provide love, the dog is going to love you back.

Believing the Animal Humane Society, a dog’s aggressive behavior can be due to the two following factors:
• Genetic Predisposition i.e. the purpose for which a dog is bred, example guard dog or military dog etc
• Learned Aggression i.e. the training provided by its owner.
In a nutshell, it’s unfair to treat a dog based upon its breed’s characteristics, after all, it all depends on how you raise an individual. The qualities that make a dog dangerous (protectiveness, loyalty etc) are the same one that can turn him into an excellent pet is raised correctly!