Dad Asks Diesel The Pitbull To Find The Baby And What He Does Will Melt Your Heart

Pit bulls have got themselves a bad reputation for being aggressive and stubborn. The notion describes them as vicious dogs which aren’t fit to be a pet.
But there is abundance of exceptions to show that poor pitties are just as softies as any other dog breed.
Diesel, the pit bull who just met the newest member of the family-Ridley is literally the cutest and caring dog ever. He entirely proves that not letting dogs near a newborn baby is a complete myth.


According to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (ASPCA), dogs should be provided with proper training to behave adequately with the newborn babies.
Diesel’s owner polished him with proper training before introducing him to the little one. Just look at him adorably gawking at his owner for the commands! (Awww! Such a cutie!)


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