Disturbing Facebook post – selling puppies for dog fighting!


Disturbing Facebook post – selling puppies for dog fighting!

Detroit Pit Crew Dog has always been in the spotlight and won hearts for reaching out there on time and rescuing poor pups in need.


And this story is another example of the incredible rescue work they do.



Recently, a disturbing Facebook post caught the attention of local animal lovers and advocates, and without much delay, they contacted the founder of Detroit Pit Crew Dog- Theresa Sumpter.

The post was a sellout ad for two cute puppies. But that’s not how it sounds…

The owner was holding the two puppies by their scruff of their neck in a very dicey manner. The puppies appeared scared and unhappy.

But that’s not the worst part- at least one of the accompanying comment displayed interest in buying the pups, for dog fighting.

In a story by WXYZ news, Theresa shared what she felt after coming across the post, “we immediately were like ‘we need to save these puppies. They are in danger now.’ We immediately contacted the seller.”

Determined to save the puppies, she and her teammate purchased them the next morning for $150, letting the seller be unaware of their association with the rescue group.

“We are not going to lecture them,” Sumpter said in the story. “We are not going to ask them why they posted.”
But she added, “If you post stuff like that, we are going to make you famous and not in a good way. It’s going to be in a bad way,” Sumpter says. “Everybody is going to know who you are and that you are a piece of sh–!”

Finally being out of the unhealthy conditions, these pups are now a part of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue family. These adorable babies have been named Hazel and Gretel. And according to the team, they possess a sweet disposition and are mild most of the times.


Sumpter who was very outraged after the post, says“just could not believe that somebody would go on a social media site and even suggest that these puppies be used for fighting.”

Although no one has been charged yet, the rescue members have urged the local police to intervene in the affair and track down the people who expressed interests in dog fighting.

We hope action is taken soon. But for now, its all sunshine and rainbows for Hazel and Gretel.