Dog Who Can’t Stop Saying “Blah Blah” Is Literally The Cutest Thing You’ll See On Internet Today!

Dogs! Oh, Dogs! What did we ever do to deserve you!? These living bundles of fur and meat and love and warmth can brighten up the bluest days just by running in circles around you!


Here’s one such adorable dog trying to tell a tale to his owner!


This is Charlie, a yellow Labrador retriever who is endearingly trying to converse with his owner. Just as she begins to talk, Charlie jumps in with his absurd yet adorable language mainly consisting of utmost difficult and complex words of “Arrah!” “Arrah!”

At times it may sound like he’s finally telling how he feels for her! These sounds which resemble “I LOVE YOU” are literally the toughest to ever say no to!

Stanley Coren, a psychologist and dog expert from the University Of British Columbia narrates a chuckle-worthy incident about a colleague who used to greet her dog with a “Hel-lo” every day and soon enough the dog learned the same and used to mimic the owner in the cutest way ever!

According to Harry Miles Johnson, a scientist at Johns Hopkins University dogs’ “speech” is “the production of vocal sounds which produce illusion in the hearer.”

Although Charlie’s owner seems convinced, maybe Charlie is just trying to act like an adult and utter the words they do; “Blah Blah Blah

Or maybe he actually has something important to tell.

Did I just hear him saying flat 90% off at Lakme! Gotta rush!


It’s your turn now! Try to decode Charlie and tell us about it in the comments!

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