Dog Lost Half Of His Face Then This Happened

Pitbulls are often considered vicious and unfriendly because of their aggressive behaviour. This is the reason they are often victims of animal abuse and cruelty. Some of them are even euthanized. But what happened with this pit, will definitely make your heart sink.



When Brittany Faske, a volunteer for All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise of Houston (ADORE), received a call about an injured pit bull in a construction dump site, she had no clue for what’s coming up next.

They first found the dog, Apollo (named later) sitting in the lot of trash, dirt and discarded tires. He appeared weak and undernourished, but the real worry was his face.


A majority of his face was missing, the condition was so bad that even some parts of his snout were hanging.


Upon a closer look, Fakse figured out that it was a knife injury. As if someone had purposely given a clean cut on the poor animal’s face.

Although Apollo growled and tried to shoo her away, Fakse was eventually able to rescue him.

She believed he wouldn’t be able to make it, but she could at least try and provide him an honorable ending.

The antsy behavior of the dog soon turned into placid once he was inside the car, seemed like he finally felt safe.

In addition to his physical injuries, Apollo was also heartworm positive – making his chances for survival even less. But Apollo wasn’t ready to give up yet!


Apollo ate bowls of food and consumed lots of water- showing positive signs of recovery. The vets soon knew he was a special dog!

Apollo received constructive surgery for his nose as well as a skin graft and removal of his upper jaw and a few teeth. Even though he had no nose, Apollo was able to breathe out of his nasal cavity.


Fakse fostered him all along his recovery epoch. Even though she didn’t plan on adopting him, after watching him win the hearts of her two elderly dog, this foster mom decided to become his family.

Apollo just doesn’t attend training classes, but also stays very excited for it every week.


“He knows when it’s Saturday because he’s waiting patiently for me by the door… And he can’t wait to go for a car ride.”, said Fakse.

In spite of this treacherous incident, the pup decided to give life another shot. He still remains optimistic, cheerful and gleeful! And not just this, he’s now the official mascot for ADORE!


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