After This Dog Woke Up From Scary Surgery, Then Vet Does Something That Shocks Everyone

It is said that ‘it costs nothing to be kind’ but not everyone has a calibre that high! PITBULLS BIBLE presents you a sweet incident where the tender gestures of vet makes a puppy feel like home.Meesha, a puppy at the BARCS Animal Shelter was getting treated by the excellent team of workers but once her anaesthesia was off, she noticed something indifferent. On becoming conscious, she realized that she was surrounded by unfamiliar faces and naturally got anxious.



The team of experts noticed that the dog was nervous and frightened. The little pooch began whimpering as her body didn’t feel right. Clueless to where she was, the puppy had no one to comfort her. But surgical assistant Dennis Moses went to her and lifted her in his arms. He took her out to the hallway where she could get more comfortable and hopefully relaxed.



It soothed her to the core and made her feel home. Thanks to the tender and kind acts of Dennis that helped her get adapted to the new environment. What a great way to wake up!

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