Dog And Wolf Stare At One Another, Next What Happens Changes Life Of Wolf Forever

Hunter turned wildlife photographer Nick Jans had a chance of a lifetime when he encountered a striking black wolf in his home time Juneau, Alaska. This confrontation then changed the life of both the lives!

Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf

Nick went on to spy him a traced his footprints on the white snow only to discover that the majestic creature had been wandering near the lake in the outskirts of Juneau. On one of those lucky days, when Nick spotted the jet black wolf from his window, he was wasted no time and put on his skis and left for the lake.

When the local mob got to know about their new resident, they were all scared deep within, after all, a wolf is a wild animal which roams in packs.
Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf

But quite strangely, Nick’s yellow Labrador Juliet and the Wolf developed a different kind of bond. Juliet went nose to nose close to the wolf in their first meet, and even the male wolf appeared to be flirty. it wasn’t odd enough when Nick’s wife started referring to him as ‘Romeo’, and hence the wild animal finally had a name.

Slowly slowly, many people accepted Romeo and let their dogs play with him. Romeo, unlike a wild wolf, was also very comfortable with the local people’s company.

Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf

But despite his sweet disposition towards the local mob and their dogs, Nick was worried, after all, Romeo belonged to the wild.

“He was a pure wild wolf. He was not a pet, as some suggested, that had been released, because then he would have been coming to us for food. He was his own gatekeeper and came and went as he pleased. Sometimes he disappeared for weeks. He clearly was catching and eating wild food with great skill.” says Nick in an interview with National Geographic


Romeo soon became one of the town’s leading attractions and often people from outside visited just to see this wild beast play with their dogs. Although no one was allowed to go closer that 100 yards.

“Romeo was an unbelievably playful animal. He would run into the middle of a game of fetch and steal the tennis ball, run off with it, throw it up in the air and bat it with his paws.”

Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf

Nick who was overwhelmed by his presence, penned the relationship between the town of Juneau and Romeo and published a book titled ‘ A Wolf Called Romeo’.

Although the average lifespan of a wolf is 3 years, Romeo lived up to approximately 8 years; while one unfortunate day he pulled a one-way ticket and left the town mourning.

At times, when Nick addresses the public gatherings, he is often left with tears reading from that book.

“The amazing thing was Romeo’s understanding. It wasn’t just our understanding and tolerance. It was the combination of his and ours and the dogs’. We were these three species working out how to get along harmoniously. And we did.” Nick told National Geographic.


Romeo left the town grieving for their loss, city officials even created a plaque in his honor that they installed by the lake where he used to interact with the locals.

Such a beautiful relationship between a witless animal and developed human beings has many life lessons to teach, humility and peace being a few of them.
This town of Alaska sets an example in the world and preaches to love nature and its habitats.


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