Ever Seen A Dog Getting Excited On Having A Kitten In The House? Have A Look At This One!

It is rightly said that dog is a man’s best friend and our loyal and beloved dogs never cease to prove that. With all their quirky playfulness and lovable instinct, it is difficult for one to leave their company. They are truly the best companions. But what if they start talking back? PITBULLS BIBLE brings to you an adorable video where the dad of this pooch gives him a humanly voice that expresses his actual feelings and excitement on hearing that they’re getting a kitten at home.


Though there may be a bit quarrelsome atmosphere on keeping a dog and a cat together as pet but sometimes, they can become really good friends and hold a wonderful relationship. Here’s an example of how excited a dog can get on getting to know that his dad is bringing home a kitten. What’s more interesting about this video is that the dad decided to give this video a voice-over and turned the entire clip a hilarious yet adorable one.

Watch this goofy voice-over video and we’re sure it will leave you in stitches.


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