Girl Makes ‘Dad Toys’ For Dog Who Gets Sad When Dad’s Gone

Millie, the rescue dog started showing signs of depression when daddy left him back home!


Millie, who is a happy and an outgoing puppy was rescued four years ago from a shelter and the best part of his day is spending time with his dad!


This dog suffers from Separation Anxiety, and it got worse when his dad had been away from home for a few weeks!
“Millie was becoming withdrawn and had stopped eating,” said daughter Carolann.
Watching him get depressed daily, Corollan decided to help her fight this. She had her dad over the speaker phone, but this didn’t work put well. The dog would usually walk away after hearing his voice as it only reminded her of his absence.
But then finally, she did something that helped the poor dog,
“I thought it would be a funny alternative to print his face off, laminate it and attach it to something,” she said. “My sister’s old room is full of toys so I figured those would be the best option.”

And with that, Millie’s new ‘dad toys’ were born.

Although these dolls look a little weird, surprisingly Millie took them immediately!

“Millie absolutely loves them,” said Carolann. “After sniffing them and playing around a bit she took them to her basket and rested her head on one of them. She definitely looked a lot happier than she has been.”

There still may be time until the happy reunion of her and dad in real life but until then, these dolls fill in the void! :’)

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