From Homeless To Happy, Story Of This Abused Pitbull Will Move Your Hearts.

The story of abused pitbull Lucy, went quite viral in the year 2011 when Petfinder featured it. Lucy had been wandering in the streets of Bogota, Columbia both pregnant and starving until a local lad rescued her.
The man then took her home and tried contacting various animal lovers online and that’s how Vivan Rodriquez, a volunteer at Stray From The Heart decided to help out this abused and disfigured pitbull.


Vivan flew all the way to Colombia and got Lucy to the US where she stayed at the foster care for about 6 months. During her foster epoch, enough money was raised to relocate her and thereby she was put under the dog trainer Kim Barnett in Madison CT. Lucy was provided with all the medical aid and love that was required for her speedy recovery.

Coming from Columbia where she had been used as a submissive dog to train aggression in fighting dogs, this loving and friendly environment of people and other animals was not something she had been accustomed of.



As a submissive dog, few of her teeth were pulled out so she couldn’t fight back and had been repeatedly mated by male dogs when she was in heat. A brutal kick on her face left her jaw broken beyond repair and her snout twisted.

According to the vets, her appearance was no hindrance on her path to proper nutrition, and thus the painful jaw operation to reset her jaws was put on the shelves.

Lucy, who was just three and a half years old back then, had already been pregnant for five or six times which left her uterus twisted.

The vets had to choose between the pregnant mother and the puppies, and they decided to give Lucy a new life.

It has been approximately a year and a half when all of this took place, but the delightful news is that Lucy, has finally found a forever home.

Paula, her new mom says “Last month after looking through hundreds of rescues online I found myself on Stray From The Heart. I clicked on Lucy. I recalled that unforgettable face and realized I had read about her journey last year…and got a feeling she was destined to be with us. Lucy arrived with Kim who has given her a fantastic life for the past year and a half. She greeted my cats beautifully and made herself at home, sampling every couch.”


Her story might be old but it was very effective in raising awareness against animal abuse and torture.

Lucy wasn’t the only dog who underwent cruelty, there are many dogs out there suffering daily, and if you come across one, don’t be hesitant to help!


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