Did you know how many times does your dog secretly tells you ‘I LOVE YOU’?

Heart Warming

Did you know how many times does your dog secretly tells you ‘I LOVE YOU’?

A dog lover will not just say it but will prove that ‘to have a dog is the best thing in this world’. There’s apparently a huge reason why dogs have got the title of ‘man’s best friend’. They are one of the most proficient animals when it comes to expressing love and care to humans.




Though there are numerous ways you can go and show up your feelings to your pet, those speechless animals can’t use the verbal ways to express theirs. To shove off that feeling, Pitbulls Bible brings to you a list of signals that your dogs secretly use to express their love.

5 Snoozing in your room


Whenever you are away from home and leave your pet alone, they might snooze in your room or on your bed as a sense to feel that you’re close to them.

4 Cuddling after a meal

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As it is known that dogs become very defensive while having their meal because their instinct says that people will steal their food. But snuggling you after having food is their way of telling that you’re the person they feel relaxed with and they trust you for this.


3 Giving you puppy-dog eyes


You must have noticed your pooch staring soulfully in your eyes while rubbing his ears or giving him any other attention. It is a sign of trust and adoration from your dog and t says that he loves you loads.


2 Following you everywhere. Even to the washroom


If you have experienced being followed literally everywhere by your dog, it is his way of saying that you are his best friend. It might get a little uncomfortable when he follows you to the toilet, but by doing that he means, ‘Let’s do everything together!’


1 Bringing you presents


If your canine love bug brings you their favorite things or toys they play with for the whole day, it means that they really adore you and can even share their closest thing with you. It also signifies their trust.

Now that you know that your dogs weren’t inarticulate, and it was you who couldn’t catch their secret signals, go and love back your pet hard.