Little Cara Discovers Something Really Ghastly Under A Woodpile. Guess What That Is?

Your smallest act of concern can sometimes be so precious that it can saves someone’s life. PITULLS BIBLE depicts a case where the heroic acts of a little kid saved a dog struggling hard to survive.


Cara Bideau, a six year old kid heard some strange noise while playing outside her house. She thought it might be her friends’ prank but on observing closer, she found that the noise came from beneath a stack of wooden pallets. She put in all her efforts to move a huge stone kept on top of that and finally removed it. On looking under the hole, she was completely taken aback and went to her dad, Kenny.


When they arrived back, Kenny gasped at what he saw. There was a frail and emaciated boxer lying amid the debris in a concrete pit. He immediately knew that it was no accident and someone had done that on purpose. What was more grisly was that the poor dog was completely blind! But he squelched his anger so that Cara doesn’t get that bad image of human cruelty.

Cara named the boxer ‘Bella’ and brought her home. Kenny could feel and ribs and told that she had been starving for days so he emptied an entire tin of dog food for her. No wonder why she gobbled it all within 15 seconds!

Bella felt safe and secure there and curled herself in her bed after the meal. Bideaus contacted an NPO named Rainbow Rehoming Center that is dedicated to find home for homeless animals. It was then found out that the hapless dog was used for producing puppies for profit and once she became too old to produce any more, she was discarded like trash.

Soon a family came up for Bella’s permanent adoption. Bella now sleeps in peace on comfy beds and in arms of those who love her. We hope that she gets over her mental trauma soon.

Unfortunately, this sweet yet brave pooch passed away in 2015 but her survival story still serve ab inspiration to many.

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