This Little Husky Trying Talking To Her Mom Has Taken Internet On Fire

There’s no better companion than a dog. They can make up your worst mood and stand by your side through thick and thin. They’re the best listeners and probably the best healers. Though they communicate all their feelings through actions, don’t we sometimes feel that our lives would have been much easier if dogs could talk? PITBULLS BIBLE brings you an endearing video of a baby Husky who thinks he can talk and her mom just couldn’t keep it in.


Amongst all the desires dogs have, there’s a foremost one that huskies wouldn’t ever compromise on. It seems that they take the ‘right to free speech’ way too seriously! This clip shows how meticulously the pup wants to express himself. Just like a little baby, this husky rests in his mom’s arms and begins uttering a whole lot of things. It sounds like a toddler speaking to his guardians. Watch the video below to listen to this adorable conversation between husky and his mom.

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