Have A Look At What A Pit bull Once Chained In Snow Does Now

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds of all. Despite being extremely lovable and loyal, they’re mistaken as being ‘aggressive’. We at PITBULLS BIBLE make it evident that pits are simply amazing pets to live with if you treat them well. Check out the following article to know about the wonders a pit bull did after being unchained.


Kiah, a young pit bull was found chained outside in icy-cold temperatures when a police officer came to her rescue and not only gave her a better life but a second chance to prove her worth. She was given a scintillating opportunity to display the breed’s best trait by working with the police officers in New York.


Kiah made everyone including Justin, her owner proud by not only being the only pit bull to work as a police-dog in NYC but also being able to pass the training with highest grades.

Justin and Kiah are actively involved in crime prevention as well as combating prejudices about her breed. She is successfully convincing people that pit bulls are as harmless as other breeds and can work as good as the other police-dogs.

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