Man Rescues A Homeless Retriever Affected By Flood. What He Finds In His Fur Will Terribly Shock You

There are myriads of homeless dogs fighting with atrocities all alone, especially while surviving the bad climatic conditions. If you’re living in the southern or eastern coast, you know what it takes to deal with hurricanes, storm bands and tropical waves. Being humans if we find it so challenging, imagine what could have animals gone through! PITBULLS BIBLE shares a true survival story of a golden retriever who was lost in the atrocious weather until this man found him.


A man came across a golden retriever after an appalling flood in Atlanta, Georgia. The hapless dog was found wading in his family’s driveway and was in horrible shape. “He was just sitting by a mailbox in the rain, looking pathetic, I pulled over and called him to me, and he immediately came, wagging his tail.”


The man took him to the vet and discovered that he was suffering from RING WORMS, HEART-WORMS AND HOOK WORMS. Not just that, there were around 200 engorged ticks on his body. All of this eminently left him malnourished. It was 25 POUNDS UNDERWEIGHT!

The man came like a savior in his life and adopted him. He is named Bran and now has a forever home to live. Although his head was covered with a cone while his sores healed but he is extremely happy in his home with his new best friend, another golden retriever in the same family.

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