How many of these pit bull breeds do you know about?


How many of these pit bull breeds do you know about?

People say that it is an extremely arduous task to identify a pit bull among other breeds in the first place but an unfeigned dog lover would certainly prove it wrong. If you’re a keen observer and a dog enthusiast, here’s a list of different type of pit bull breeds with their characteristic features that’ll help you know their type immediately.


1 American Pit Bull Terrier



They are extremely friendly and balanced in nature. They are highly intelligent and possess a dogged willingness to work hard.


2 American Staffordshire terrier

By Svenska Mässan from Sweden – Commons.wikimedia

They are generally quite in nature but carry very strong impulses.


3 Monster Blue


This breed is a cross between Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux. Monster Blues as the name suggests, have a sturdy physique with a powerful jaw and generally weigh between 45-60 kg.


4 Chamucos


These are also called the Mexican pit bulls and are smallest of all. Though they were bred for fighting; they aren’t much territorial and tend to trust humans.


5 Red Nose


Their nose is usually pinkish and they have a thin yet muscular build.


6 Villaliberty

Bred from the red nose type, Villaliberty are impressively brave and stable dogs.


7 Gamers


Gamers have an inordinate athletic ability as they were bred for fighting.


8 Bull Terrier


The most striking feature of this breed is their triangular eyes. They are stubborn dogs but need care and affection of the owner.


9 Colby


They have a broad head with wrinkled snout and are great watching over kids.


10 Spikes


One of the most preferable companions, Spikes are friendly and quite. They have a poor muscle development are a line of American origin.

And look how plain sailing is it to seek the world of dogs.