People Thought This Dog Is Mourning For The Deceased Owner-But Here’s The Truth!

This photo of a dog grieving on his master’s death went quite viral on various social media platforms. It broke the heart of viewers to see German Shepherd mourning over the loss by digging a den just next to his graveyard in a cemetery in Serbia.


And then one fine day, a woman decided to dig this spot and what she found wasn’t anything like ever expected!

It turns out, the grief- stricken dog who appeared completely worn out didn’t dig the whole to be in proximity to his deceased owner but to actually provide a warm and safe spot to her four puppies.


Vesna Mihajloski, who was as astonished as any of us, then took the four little puppies and their mama home to provide them with warmth and care.

This finally brought some sunshine into the life of their mother who was entirely exhausted raising her pups through the thick.


Vesna and her team of animal rescuers provided this lovely family with all the daily requirements, adequate nutrition, and surplus love!


This support worked wonders over the canine family! Mama dog started gaining her health back and the four little pups in the house started growing all quick and healthy!This family literally went through a miracle, from starving in a hole to playing and sniffing all day in the lawn!

Before Vesna and her team, it was the mother who kept her babies warm and protected. She did everything she could to keep her little ones safe and sound.


Mama doggy shows her gratitude to the team by wagging her tail and gazing her protectors with thankfulness!

This story is truly emotional; the journey of this family from being stray dogs to finally getting rescued and achieving a lovely forever home can truly break the internet and melt hearts!

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