This Is How A Photo Shoot Changed This Dog’s Life

We hear a shelter adoption case every day but only some manage to move our hearts. But this one has something different and is not melancholy like others. PITBULLS BIBLE brings to you a fresh and intriguing adoption story that bases itself on photography! Read below to find out more.


Sheldon, a 2 year-old grumpy faced Pibble arrived at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control for a shelter but as weeks passed, people seemed neglecting him and no one came for his adoption. It was then Heather Haltmeyer, a volunteer there decided to take Sheldon out for a personal photo shoot. You won’t believe what it turned out to be!


Heather tied a green bow tie round his collar and began with the shoot. She realized that even Sheldon was happy being clicked and gave some truly endearing shots. “Once I got him in the yard, I realized how adorable he looked in pictures, with his down turned mouth and ‘grumpy dog’ expression”.

The snaps of his ‘grumpy face’ and kissable pink mug took Facebook by storm. It even got him a new mother the very next day! Emily Chmiel showed up to the shelter and told that after looking at those pictures, she knew her search was over and has got the perfect dog she was looking for.

He is now adjusted to his new life and is just doing great with his new feline siblings. Sometimes it’s really required to go for shelter photography to help the homeless pets.

Image Credits: Facebook/Maricopa County Animal Care And Control   Facebook/Emily Chmiel


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