Rescuers Found A Heartbreaking Detail About This Homeless Collie

Every creature needs care and when it lacks, it is visible. PITBULLS BIBLE brings you an incident of sheer carelessness of owners towards their pet.


When the rescuers of Trio Animal Foundation found a stray collie wandering around in the desolated railroad yard in Chicago, she realized that the pooch was apparently abandoned but what was more disturbing about it was that the poor dog could barely walk.


The reason why he was trudging was that his hair was severely matted. It became really difficult for that collie to deal with it. The rescuers couldn’t see that and promptly took him to their animal-saving head quarters.

The experts there said, “The burrs, dried feces, urine, twigs, dirt, etc., that were matted into the tangled fur made it impossible to see any anatomy.”

Once they trimmed his hair, they found that the poor pooch was also suffering from internal parasites and heart-worm.

But once they treated him and put him for adoption, only within a few days, a couple showed up and offered to adopt the rejuvenated freight.

“They are so in love with Freight and just couldn’t bear parting with him.

By the look of Freight’s adoption photo, he couldn’t be prouder or happier.”

And that’s how he had a perfect happy ending!

Image credits: Honesttopaws


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