Wait For Dog’s Reaction When The Owner Plays Dead In Front Of Him

Everyone  is aware of the sheen bond shared by an owner with his dog. You may question a man’s friendship but you can never doubt on the relation you share with your pet. PITBULLS BIBLE shares with you a truly captivating video where a pup goes wild on finding his owner dead but gets in an utterly whimsical fit when he comes to know that it was just a ruse!


Wendy Michaels/AWM contributor

This man, who owns a little Shih Tzu decided to play dead in front of his dog and recorded its reactions. Though we do not wish to spoil the spoil the suspense of the clip for you, it is still safe to declare that Shih Tzu’s reaction will patently melt your heart!


Shih Tzu breed of dogs are known for their kindness and companionship. Not just that, they can take their bond of friendship to a whole new level all at once! These creatures are extremely intelligent and are the perfect bundle of energy who know the right way to cheer up their owners whenever they’re low.


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